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Resale business channel development post
Job location: Beijing job category: Sales Recruitment: 2 
Job Responsibilities: Job Responsibilities:

1. Expand resources for government enterprise channels, application channels and offline channels;
2. Channel expansion management when new products go online;
3. Maintain all kinds of related channel relations;
4. Daily management of the Department.

Job requirements: Qualification:
1. More than 8 years working experience in related positions, including at least 5 years of management experience, and the conditions can be relaxed for the excellent;
2. College degree or above in marketing;
3. There are a certain number of government enterprises and various channel resources;
4. Strong communication, coordination and team management ability, result oriented;
5. Familiar with the relevant business of the three major operators

Administrative supplier management manager
Location: Beijing job category: 
functional recruitment: 1

1. Be responsible for managing the strategic supplier information base and conducting the pre qualification and evaluation of suppliers;
2. Be responsible for bidding and purchasing of administrative products;
3. Responsible for tracking the market price of materials and equipment, establishing and maintaining the price information database of materials and equipment;
4. Organize contract negotiation of bidding project of the company.
Job requirements: 
1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years experience in group bidding and purchasing;
2. Familiar with national bidding law, contract law and relevant policies and regulations, familiar with the price of materials and equipment, clear bidding procedures, able to prepare design, engineering, consulting and other relevant bidding documents;
3. Have strong ability to analyze and solve problems; have certain judgment ability and organization coordination ability;
4. Gender is not limited, age is below 40 years old;
5. Certified cost engineer is preferred




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